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A new threat to Órgiva

Last week a meeting was held at the town hall, convened by the Platform and affected individuals, in which a new threat to Órgiva was reported.

A private company wants to build up to fourteen windmills in the area of ​​Vélez de Benaudalla and El Pinar and connect them to the Órgiva substation. To evacuate the energy, they want to pass an underground cable along the tracks of the inhabited areas of Las Barreras, Pago and el Zute.

The works will endanger water pipes, ditches, well conduits, fibre optic cables and electricity under the tracks, passing medium-high voltage a few metres from many homes. The connection will require Órgiva substation to be expanded in an area where many citizens already live or work.

The concern that there could be compulsory expropriations cannot be dismissed out of hand.

We have little time to make objections. The last day to submit them is Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

We have already prepared some general statements that can be signed at the Atenea bookstore on Calle de Lora Tamayo, 22 in Órgiva.

We are preparing more specialized objections with a detailed report from professional engineers that will cost us money. For this reason, we welcome donations.

(ES94 3023 0066 4465 5489 2205 / ECO-LOGICO)

As two councilors present at the meeting informed us, the council is also preparing objections that can be signed at the Town Hall.

You can sign several objections!

We work together to stop this project!