A community event for the people of the Alpujarra.

Come and meet your local community and the people of Rio Chico. Look where the planned power towers will be built and participate in the “SAY NO To THE TOWERS” campaign to help save our beautiful land.

We will Walk through the impressive Chico River and offer free tapas and snacks on our land between Orgiva and Bayacas.

We will Begin the hike at two different poin
ts. Starting POINT A: Orgiva-Plaza DE Alpujarra
16:00PUNTO DE INICIO B: Bayacas-Cen
tre 16:00Luego We will meet in the middle on our beautiful piece of land (just below where the pylons will be built) to enjoy tapas, soft drinks and good vibes Community.

Hike March 1

MARCHA🚶 ♂ 🚶 ♀ HIKER AGAINST THE TORRES📛🗼🗼📛 Sunday 24 February registrations open until February 22.

PLEASE TAKE YOUR PLATE AND CUTLERY. (Take Care of the Environment). Thank you.

The Hiker March will have a medium level tour, accessible to all people who want to participate, families, children, etc… We Also invite people who do not want to walk, but if you support the No movement To The Towers in the Valley of Lecrín. At the end of the walking routes we gather all the attendees in Cónchar to taste a rich paella in order to show our rejection of the Spanish Electric Network project to end the environment and the Nature of this precise Valley of Joy.

March Hiker 24 February


From Órgiva, we want to charter a bus to which you will be able to opt by registering at the tables of the Platform that will be by the town, paying €5. This Thursday, February 21st, 2019 in Plaza Alpujarra from 10 to 14 hours and in the afternoon, from 19:00 in the Town Hall of Órgiva.

Peaceful and informative concentration to save the ALPUJARRA.


The Civic Platform “Say No To The Towers in The Alpujarra summons all the citizens and neighborhoods of any place to concentrate in a peaceful and creative way in the Alpujarra de Órgiva Square.

In This concentration we will have an informative table explaining the different models of allegations, how to select them according to personal needs, and where to present them. We will Have a group of people who are working on these models to guarantee their validity against the project of the Spanish Electricity Network in The Alpujarra.THURSDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2019


The Civic Platform say No to Las Torres in the Alpujarra summons all the citizens of the Alpujarra to attend this meeting and to express our opposition to the plans of the Spanish electricity network.

It is important for the media to report on the human mass that does not want these towers.

In this meeting we will have the opportunity to know, with the help of experts and lawyers, the allegations that the Lecrín Valley has presented in front of this REE project.

We will have the presence of the media and representatives of the REE who we have to make clear that our opposition is very large.