More than a thousand people walked together in a peaceful and demanding act for a landscape without high-tension towers, for a sustainable economy, for their quality of life and a healthy environment.


From 9 am yesterday, 24 February 2019, Cónchar became the protagonist and host of a March Sernderista, convened by the platform Say No To The Towers and received more than a thousand people from various places in Granada , the valley of Lecrín and the Alpujarra, to express their opposition to the lines of high tension that crossed the Valley of Lecrín and the Alpujarra, walking on a route of 6 kilometers by a landscape that, to this day, does not sight any tower.


During the whole day, Conchar, was dressed in color and joy and began, in the square of the church, the collection of dorsals and T-shirts with which the walk of six kilometers through the unmatched places of this village. The people, cheerful and relaxed, placed their hope in this act and enjoyed a landscape that does not want to be altered and destroyed by this unnecessary project of the REE.

The journey, of little difficulty and of great beauty, was filled with people of all kinds, girls and boys, mothers, fathers, young and less young, people of advanced age between colorful and imaginative placards that made clear the feeling of the citizenship. A resounding No to the High-Tension towers.

After the hardest part, the ascent, was made a small stop of victualling, which provided water and oranges to continue the descent, returning to Cónchar to enjoy an exquisite paella in the square at the entrance of the village, where also There were informative and signature-collection tables to adhere to the platform's request: No to the towers.

The coexistence was palpable from the beginning of the day and it was consolidated throughout the whole day, a jocular and entertaining atmosphere, of joy shared by the enormous effort made during the last months by this platform of the Valley of Lecrín to which it added , a little later, the platform of the Alpujarra that was clearly visible on the day of yesterday.

Cónchar lived yesterday, perhaps, the greatest concentration of people in its history and was at the height, crowded bars, streets full of smiles and talks, the square filled with dishes of rice and joy, without any mishap disturb this peaceful form of To demonstrate in favor of this landscape and this joy with which one lives in the Valley of Lecrín and in the Alpujarra, making clear that these lines are not necessary between Granada and Berja nor the substation of Saleres, with which the REE tries to destroy these zones.

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