The platform

The platform

We are a citizen organization that defends its right to live where we have chosen to live, the Alpujarra, for its beauty, its wealth, its vegetation, the biodiversity, the culture, the tranquility, the situation…

There are countless reasons to live in the Alpujarra and we are aware that with this project that Spanish Electric Network (REE) aims to place here, all these reasons would lose their value until reaching the terrible unreason to depopulate the Alpujarra.

Since we heard the first voices of alarm against the REE project, we have reported, we have connected with the Lecrín platform that takes two months in advance in their protests, we followed their steps and we started to mobilize.

Part of the platform

We have mobilized the city councils, the Commonwealth of Municipalities, companies, associations, irrigation communities and other groups.

We have contacted the municipality of Órgiva with the Nubia cabinet, which already worked with the allegations of the Lecrín platform and have been hired with public money to write the allegations that the city Council will present.

We have arranged, with Nubia and the city Council, a meeting for directly affected people who attended between 10 and 15 and it seems that none has been notified, neither by the REE nor by the town hall of Órgiva, so we are collecting information to warn All these people so that they can plead before March 7.

We have written models of specific allegations for farms directly affected, for companies and for anyone who wants to argue against this project from anywhere in the world. You can download them on our website, section allegations, which also explains how to fill and present them.

Table of allegations

We are placing informative tables to be able to present allegations, both in Órgiva and Lanjaron, Pitres, Capileira, Pampaneira and other villages of the Sierra, visiting the businesses, touring the schools and informing all the citizens.

We have organized ourselves into working groups and we are doing a colossal work that leaves the strength of citizenship clear: our capacity of organization, teamwork, coordination and our undeniable desire for a Alpujarra without towers.