A spark of a high-voltage cable, "quite probable" cause of the Rianxo fire


Manuel Méndez A. Legend Arousa 26.03.2019 | 10:40

► As confirmed by the vicepresident of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda ► The Flames have already calcined 850 hectares since yesterday at 20.00 hours

The fire that has been affecting the Coruña town councils of Dodro and Rianxo since yesterday has destroyed 850 hectares of woodland and mount Bajo and is jeopardizing housing, which is why situation 2 has been declared. Aerial means have been mobilized, specifically four aircraft and seven helicopters, and the participation of the Military Emergency Unit has also been requested, but the proximity of the flames to the houses-in some cases the fire has been left just five meters from the Housing-has made the neighbors, who fear another infernal night, have joined the fight against fire with their own means. In Addition to the siege of the houses, the fire already forced to evacuate the students of the Institute of Rianxo by precaution after 13:00h, and the students of the Unified School of Rañó were evicted, just when the counsellor of Rural, José González, visited The area in the company of the Government sub-delegate.

LIC Ulla-Sar

The intense smoke is visible from any point of the Ría de Arousa. The Mountains affected by this fire were already in previous years and are located in the environment of the mouth of the river Ulla and an area of high ecological value, as is the Place of Community Interest (LIC) Ulla-Sar.

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