Summary meeting Thursday, January 31st, 2019

The Last Thursday, January 31st, 2019, in the city of Órgiva, the Citizen Platform convened its third informative meeting, Verifying the growth of it.

More Of 300 people were concentrated in the Teatro Municipal Agustín Martín Zaragoza to share information and uncertainty about This macro-project with which the Spanish electricity network (REE) Threatens the region of the Alpujarra and the valley of Lecrín and coming Spreading throughout Spain.

The Civic Platform say No to the towers in the Alpujarra is coming Communicating with the Civic Platform say No to the towers in the Valley of Lecrín, of whom it takes its logo, its motto, the much Information they are compiling for two months, their Effort and the offer to dock both platforms and combine the Forces against this devastating project.

Yesterday We were able to listen to one of his environmental management experts, Braulio Estévez, agricultural technical engineer, member of the Cooperative Hortigas agroecological and activist in the Valley platform of Lecrín.

In His presentation, Braulio, explained to the citizens the scope of This electric highway whose objective, despite what the REE is To make us believe, is to transport electricity to sell it in France and Europe. This is not a network to improve our Power reception. He said that all of Spain has not come To consume, at its highest peak, nor half the energy which was Produces and that this very high voltage network (MAT), will only bring Disaster to the affected and adjoining areas.

Commented In relation to the health of the citizenry, studies in the That is based on REE date from the last century and that no one contemplates the New and current studies that demonstrate the influence of these Electromagnetic fields, in diseases such as cancer, risk High leukaemia in childhood and many other diseases.

Also He argued the desolate landscape in which the valley would be converted Lecrín and the Alpujarra after the entrance and performance of the Machines, the felling of, only in the Alpujarra, 5.8 hectares of Trees, affecting the diversity of species of animals and plants and genetic diversity, as they pass through the Island forests.

The Same fate will run the waters, the rivers, the ground…. Not only of Affected areas, also of the adjoining zones and, since the Impact study was done in a generalized way, not contemplated That, in particular, this area carries an environmental impact between Severe and critical, whose recovery will be long dilated in the Time.

This Not to mention economic damage, employment… In both areas Whose economies are mainly dependent on tourism. Any Tourist moves on vacation to see a tower of 65 meters Behind the window of your hotel or from the terrace where you have breakfast.

The Damage will be such that both regions, which already suffered the depopulation And they have been rescued with the arrival of people who love the Natural beauty of this land, they have invested their time and energy For the maintenance of their farms, which have been installed reliving and Enriching the economy, culture, diversity… Have to To leave their homes, leading, inevitably, to these areas to the Depopulation and abandonment.

The Citizenship of the Alpujarra, to which all this news has taken them By surprise, he tried to suppress his anguish at such impotence In front of a Goliath who has been studying their farms, Fotografiándolas, Midiéndolas and preparing them under the most Inconceivable occultism for a project that began towards the year 2005 for all Spain and of which, nor the mayor of Órgiva, Member of the environment, nor the other councillors of this Corporation had any notion.

The The citizen platform continues to expand and adding efforts with A clear and forceful slogan: NO to High-tension towers

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