From the Civic Platform Di No To Las Torres In La Alpujarra, we invite all Associations of any kind to submit their own Allegations.

We have produced a document that consists of several parts:


Are of a general nature, will be common in all Allegations. They express the data of the recipients (Address to which to carry the Allegations) and the data of the Association.

The facts concerning the project are exposed.

B. General allegations:

The general allegations should appear in all the allegations as they are aimed at the nullity of the project.

There are three:

First: Download the header and the general allegations.

These allegations should go in all the particular allegations as they are aimed at the annulment of the project.

C. Body: Specific allegations:

This is a set of allegations which are due to different areas affecting this REE project:

It is a matter of choosing the type of allegations that fit each particular (they can be one, two or several, even all) and attach it to the header.

The Claim on Ecotourism economic development is business oriented but can be presented by any person or entity, canceling or removing the stop where the business is described.

In some of them it will be necessary to include the specific data of the affected area for which a blank hole will be left to be filled out by the Association.

C. Closing of the allegations:

It Is also common to all Allegations and consists, after submission of the facts and general and specific Allegations, of what the Association REQUESTS with regard to the Allegations presented.

This part must adhere to the previous two. Signed by the person who represntea the Association and Sealed with the seal of the Association and submit three copies, a copy of the registration or delivery is the Tables of Allegations that are, every morning from Monday to Friday in Plaza Alpujarra de Órgiva to be Registered by the Platform.

The Allegations of the body should include the number of Allegations, at the beginning of the document, in the hole enabled for this purpose.

Each of the leaves must be signed and stamped by the person Representatante and the seal of the Association.

All sheets of 1/Total number should Be numbered

We are grateful to everyone who is involved in collaborating against this terrible project.

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